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Past Sessions

online events 2021/2022

Pilot 1

Nov 27

What can the sky teach us about our dark side? With… 
Thomas Abbott / bright astrophysicist passionate about black holes and neutron stars
Helena Carrizosa / creative coach specialized in unlocking our infinite potential
Chris Costa / juvenile lawbreaker turned competitive athlete who choses love not fear

Pilot 2


How do we progress forward from inward poverty? With… 

Francesco Carvelli / social impact consultant empowering leaders thru their core values

Nicole Smith / writer who seeks truth even though she isn’t sure it exists

Hannah Briggs / seeker of magic thru her community flower farm The Saol Project

Session 1

Jan 27

How do we make the “right” decisions? With...

Helena Carrizosa / designer and creative coach specialized in unlocking intuition

Kerry Woodcock / coach leading complex systems at the edge of chaos and ambiguity

Joshua Stein / social justice barbarian with a PhD in Philosophy specialized in ethics

Session 2

Feb 10

What’s the connection between our dysfunctionality and brilliance? With...
Margarita Giles-Martinez / purpose coach who surfaces the gold in every woman 
Chris Costa / juvenile lawbreaker turned competitive runner who choses love not fear
Kayla Douglas Dhankar / specialized in turning chronic illness into quality of life

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